iPoleVault is a powerful, user-friendly app which enables the athlete or coach to track and manage pole vault performance data. Fully functional and easy to use, this app stores all the vital statistics in one convenient place. Your data is easy to search, easy to retrieve, and easy to share. 

What Does iPoleVault Do?

  • Add, Save and Edit practice and meet vaults for teams and individuals
  • Personalize each vault with notes and technical details
  • Chart performance and select for every vault statistic
  • Search, Filter and Find Vaults Instantly
  • Automated Tracking of your Personal Best and Personal Record
  • Meter-to-Feet and Feet-to-Meter converter (in-app)
  • Save and share pole vault files with coaches, scouts, trainers and friends
  • Capture and Share achievements with screenshots in real-time
  • Train Better with a Fitness Tracker and Speed Timer
  • Calendar events and much more….

The Leader in Pole Vault Data Management: Beginners, Elites, Coaches, Fans.

iPoleVault is available on the Apple App Store

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