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Our Story

We have spent countless hours at track meets talking with coaches, spectating, and interacting with athletes from beginners to elites. What has emerged from this field work (pun intended), is a suite of relevant, user-friendly apps which enable the athlete, coach or fan to track and manage performance data. 

iPoleVault app is the modern version of the vaulter’s notebook. We have seen pole vaulters and coaches alike with binders full of data meticulously hand written, or typed in spreadsheets, carefully outlining all the components and nuances that is pole vaulting. Great system but it is awkward, bulky and a bit archaic.

We knew there had to be a better way and the iPoleVault app was born. iPoleVault is a powerful, customizable app that allows the vaulter to :

  • input pole information 
  • track jumps both at practice and meets
  • log workouts and training 
  • edit and share data
  • export performance files to coaches or scouts 
  • add in personal notes on steps, conditions, etc. 

We are big proponents of keeping a journal or log of stats and reviewing them often. iPoleVault makes it so easy to do this and the information is readily available, easily searchable and even sharable. Hauling poles around is tricky enough, data should be easy.  #toolsforbetterpolevaulting.