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Why Proper Pole Storage Saves Money and Time

Do you ever have this feeling? Poles are taking over your life and any spare space with a twenty foot span? 

Time to get organized and protect your investment. Poles are expensive. It’s super important to maintain the ones you own so you can add to your inventory rather than spend money on replacements. Plus, when you pull your poles out for a meet, they are clean and professional looking which is a positive reflection on you, your team, or organization.

There are multiple storage options available. Free standing shelving units, wall shelves, and racks made specifically for pole vault poles are all available online or from your local big box store. Are you handy? Go the DIY route.

First rule, get them off the floor or ground. Storing them on a free-standing rack or shelving unit is great. Utilizing the walls for storage is even better because that maximizes space and frees up the floor for walking 😀 or for other storage items. Second rule, make sure the pole’s natural bend is maintained. If poles are stored on shelving units or floor racks, position the units end-to-end for maximum pole stability. Storing on the wall? Make sure the braces are close enough together so the shelves don’t end up sagging in the middle. If you use wall brackets, space them out evenly so the poles are held securely. There needs to be plenty of support to bear the weight of the poles for the entire length of the longest pole.

Now that your poles are up and out of the way, organize them according to length and weight rating. If you have a large inventory, mark your shelves or color-code them, then make a corresponding spreadsheet so it’s easy to find what you need. If you are just starting a collection, why not get into good habits right from the start? Establish a system so you keep organized as your inventory grows.

Once your poles are stored, put them in pole sleeves, corrugated drain pipes or pole bags. This keeps them clean and protects them from possible damage especially if it is a shared storage area for other equipment. Use plastic bins or milk crates to store tape, chalk, bungees and tips.

A good system makes it a breeze to pack up for a meet or to fit a pole for a vaulter. An end-of-season inspection is a good idea too. You can evaluate tips, tape and damage to each pole. Go forth and get organized! #toolsforbetterpolevaulting