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How To Add Dynamic Moves to Your Pole Vault Warm-Up

  • Post published:June 18, 2019
  • Post category:Training

Dynamic stretching is active movement through a range of motion. It is the opposite of static stretching in which you hold a stretch for a period of time. A good dynamic warm-up increases range of motion, and increases blood and oxygen flow to your muscles, tendons, and ligaments before serious work begins.

Any pre-workout whether for training or competition should begin with light aerobics to wake up the muscles and increase core temperature. You are easing your body from the resting state to the working state. A light jog does the trick for 5-10 minutes. 

Next, take your body through a few dynamic moves like high knees, heel walking, toe walking, or side leg swings.

High knees is a great exercise to engage abs and hip flexors. Do as either a run or a skip, staying on the balls of the feet and lifting one knee as high as possible, then the other landing softly on the ball of the foot. This exaggerated movement helps develop power at the push-off and higher knee lift at the approach. 

Heel-walking then toe-walking may look silly but the muscles activated in both of these exercises are important. Toe walking emphasizes the calf muscles and all the muscles of the feet, heel walking targets the shins and can help with those annoying shin splints vaulters often experience.

Side leg swings are a simple way to open up the hips and wake up the torso muscles. Performed in front of a wall or other support, swing one leg off to the side so the foot becomes parallel to the hip, then cross in front of the other leg. Keep the swing leg straight but not locked at the knee. Repeat on the opposite side. 

Prior to meets or training, dynamic stretching added to your warmup is perfect for preparing the body for the explosive movements pole vaulters execute. It takes discipline and more time, but dynamic warmups make you faster and stronger.

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